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Emmanuel Sombsthay

French / English Interpreter - Translator

Interpreting assignments in France and other European countries
Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Caen, Brussels

French <> English Interpreter - Interprète Français <> Anglais

Conference Interpreting / Simultaneous Translation

Interpreting is an exercise aimed at facilitating communication across languages. The interpreter listens to the speaker and then reproduces his/her words in the audience's language.

Interpreting can be carried out in very different circumstances:

- conferences, congresses, colloquiums, seminars
- audits, business meetings
- meetings with a notary public or a lawyer
- business lunches etc.

Your requirements are our priority!


Brittany Mobile: 0033 (0)6 65 26 68 97

I have been working in the Interpreting field for the last 16 years, and have performed a wide range of assignments for both the private and the public sectors in France and in the UK. I am happy to provide French / English consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, in line with your requirements.

I can supply interpreting services both in France and abroad, as well as providing “turnkey” solutions for conferences and seminars (radio communication equipment / simultaneous translation / management of the translators' team).

References in the following fields:

Signal processing
Computer science
Labour law
Integrating people into a work environment
European programmes
International meetings: French local authorities / foreign delegations
Pharmaceutical industry...

Interpreting assignment carried out during the appeal for the founding of a national day against meningitis in France, on the initiative of Méningites France- Association Audrey, in partnership with the Meningitis Trust (UK) and the Institut Pasteur . On this occasion, I translated for Mrs Sue Davie, Meningitis Trust CEO.

Press conference at the Ministry of Health in Paris (Monday 27th of September 2010)

A tailored service

For each assignment I carry out a great deal of detailed research in order to become familiar with the line of business of the company or the organisation in question. Thus, to prepare for each interpreting assignment, I take the time to study the theme to be dealt with, and its specific terminology, in depth.

In order to prepare for an assignment effectively, I kindly ask my clients to provide me with background materials and relevant documents related to the event.

Naturally, I abide by a strict code of professional confidentiality, am fully committed to respecting confidentiality at all times and never take advantage of any information disclosed during the course of my work.

Interpreting assignments recently carried out:

* Simultaneous Interpreting - Master class "Aloxe Corton" - Aloxe Corton/ Dijon - Burgundy - March 2016

* Consecutive interpreting - Master Class "Mr Reed" (American Jazz singer and drummer)- Saint Malo music school - February 2016

* Simultaneous interpreting - Scientific committee of the association « Paysage de Mégalithes » - Carnac - Morbihan - Brittany - January 2016

* Simultaneous translation - Business meeting (finance) - Paris - December 2015

* Simultaneous Translation - Annual Health and Climate Summit - COP 21 - Paris - December 2015 - Global Climate and Health Alliance / World Health Organisation (WHO)

* Simultaneous interpreting - Conference of Youth (COY 11) - Paris Villepinte - November 2015

* Consecutive translation - Business meeting (finance) - Dijon (Burgundy) - November 2015

* Simultaneous translation - Centre for Marine and Coastal Policy Research (MarCoPol) Forum - Brest (Brittany, Finistère) - October 28th 2015

* Consecutive translation - Business meeting (finance) - Nantes - October 2015

* Consecutive translation - Insurance audit - Nantes - September 2015

* French / English Simultaneous Interpreting - Wolters Kluwer France's corporate event in Paris - September 7th 2015

* Simultaneous translation - – Agribusiness international conference – Nantes - September 2015

* English/French simultaneous Translation – Scientific committee of the association « Paysage de Mégalithes » in Carnac, Brittany, France – July 2015

* Conference Interpreting – Douarnenez Intersex Forum – June 2015

* Conference Interpreting – Agribusiness international conference – Saint Malo, June 18th 2015

* English / French simultaneous translation – Velocity conference – Nantes – June 2015

* Consecutive translation - Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR): The French National Research Agency – Audit of a French university's academic team, within the framework of a I-SITE project’s submission – Paris – April 2015

* Simultaneous Translation – University Rennes 2 – International colloquium: “Feminist, Queer and Postcolonial subjectivities in contemporary art” – Rennes – April 2015

* Consecutive Interpreting – Business negotiations – Nantes – March 2015

* Simultaneous Interpreting - Final conference of the European Interreg Program WOW : : Value of Working Wetlands – Saint Nicolas de Redon (France) – March 2015

* Simultaneous interpreting – FLIP project – Saint Brieuc (Brittany) – February 2015

* Simultaneous interpreting – ArcelorMittal Wire Solutions Convention – Brussels – January 2015

* Simultaneous translation – “Cauliflower” congress – Saint Pol de Léon (Brittany) – December 2015

* Simultaneous translation – political seminar – Brussels (Belgium) – December 2014

* Simultaneous translation – Scientific Committee of the association “Paysage de Mégalithes” – Carnac, Brittany. November 2014

* Simultaneous Translation – Seminar organised by ASPHER – Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region – Theme: “Human Resources in Public Health” - Hôtel Scipion (APHP) – Paris – October 2014

* Concha Colomer Symposium – School of Public Health (EHESP)- Rennes – - Simultaneous Translation - July 2014

* English <> French interpreting assignment - North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO)- 31st Annual Meeting, Saint Malo, France- 3–6 June 2014

* English <> French simultaneous interpreting assignment - ArcelorMittal Wire Solutions' convention - Paris - April 2014

* Consecutive interpreting assignment - Business negotiations - Paris - April 2014

* Simultaneous translation - "Religion in public life" seminar - Brussels - Belgium - April 2014

* Simultaneous translation - European project - Theme: ports' development and cross-border partnerships - Saint Brieuc - March 2014

* English <> French simultaneous interpreting assignment - European project - Theme: Youth employment - Rennes - February 2014

* Simultaneous translation in Rennes, Brittany, France - January 2014 - International Partnership on Marine Renewable Energies


Interpreting experience

2000 – 2004 : In-house salaried French <> English Interpreter in England (Europe)

Employers: National Health Service / Local Authorities in the UK

2004 – 2016 : Freelance French <> English Interpreter in France (Europe)

My clients: Industry, local authorities, small and medium-sized businesses, universities, private individuals, conference organisers, etc.


Each assignment is unique and requires adequate preparation and research. After your requirements have been assessed, I shall quote you a fixed price for the job. Please CONTACT me for a free quote.


Places of intervention (examples)

Paris, Lyon, Brussels, Marseille, Bordeaux, Rennes, Caen, Nantes, Montpellier, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Lille, Le Havre, Toulouse, Orléans, Le Mans, Saint Malo, Brest, Dinard, Dinan, Dijon, Nice, Genève, Luxembourg, Lausanne, Annecy, Chambéry, Vannes London, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Plymouth, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Brighton, Coventry, Cambridge, Southampton, Reading